Over the last five years, the lightest bottom bouncer I’ve used on Saginaw Bay is three ounces. The results were amazing as we caught more and bigger walleyes and few junk fish. It’s also great for fishing in a large group. The main line is tied to the elbow formed between the long and short arms and a spinner rig ranging from 36 to 60 inches in length is attached to the snap swivel on the short arm. The best bottom bouncers I’ve found are from. Walleye are known for picking up live bait and dropping it as soon as they feel any type of resistance. The long leader serves two purposes: 1) It prevents customers from reeling the fish in too close to the rod tip for optimal netting efficiency and it also puts the bottom bouncer out near the rod tip when I hook the harness to my lure keeper, which is good in my boat when the rods are laid down against the splash well for running at high speed. The Lindy Slick Jig is a versatile ice-fishing … Unfortunately though, we had to sort through a bunch of sheephead and catfish in the process of catching the walleyes. Contact Mike Veine at www.trophyspecialists.com or 734-475-9146. Our guides recommend 1/8 oz. Braided line allows the user to have a more accurate cast compared to Fluoro. That lesson also changed the way I fished bottom bouncers for ever. The plastic should have a long enough gap to get a good hook set. However, when using large spinners, any speeds over 1.5 mph often, causes tangles as big blades are not designed to go fast. In water temperatures that are in the low 70s, 1.7 to 1.8 mph is typically very productive and when the water temp hits the high 70s or low 80s, then I’m trolling at 1.9 to 2.2 mph. These have a specialized jig head for walleye that don't have a lead barb, and the hook shank is short with a wide gap. Fith, let the wind/current take your float, allowing your bait to cover more area. To make what is known as the “mayfly rig” take a small spinner with a portion of a nightcrawler on a small hook. Having a 6'6" Medium, fast action spinning rod, paired with a medium-sized 35 reel, will provide the opportunity to fish most of the popular walleye techniques. Like and subscribe if this tutorial helped you. Cast the rig out and count it down, then retrieve it slowly, working with depth until you find the strike zone. 48444. Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team. By trolling as fast as possible, we also increase our catch to bite ratio as the faster moving trolling speeds result in much better hookups. are for 2-3" sized soft plastic. When fishing for walleye from shore with a spinner rig I’d recommend casting a couple times in each area and then changing locations/angles. Spot-on-the-spot: Is typically where a transition of depth occurs, almost like a drop-off. Ideally used for lures and soft plastics. More line out equals a deeper presentation. ... Of course, there are pre-made spinner rigs you can buy, but here are some simple steps to make your own. My theory is that the heavy weights pounding across the bottom actually attract walleyes. Buy from Amazon. Ideally, the set up should be a 6' medium light, fast action spinning rod with a medium-sized 30 reel. - Pass the line through the wire loop or hole in the slip sinker, and slide the sinker up the line. I typically set the lures back just far enough so they are ticking and not dragging on the bottom. In front of the hooks I string on beads and then a quick change clevis. My rigs have quick-change clevises and terminal snaps, so I can change blades or hooks on the water. The … Walleye is bar non, the best tasting fresh water fish you can catch. Spinner crawler rigs are certainly one of the most consistent walleye producers on the Great Lakes. This type of spinner rig is tipped with live bait - in this case a minnow - and trolled using a rod with a medium-to-fast action. Trying to … Most spinner rigs are tied on fluorocarbon line and come equipped with a Colorado or Indiana style blade that spins on a clevice. Before then, it seemed like the walleyes suspended a lot during the day. The slip-sinker rig eliminates the resistance, as a walleye strikes the bait the angler free spools the line allowing the walleye to swim away to eat the bait for a hookset. ... We find this set-up really increases the hooking percentage even over using a treble hook as many anglers prefer on their tip-ups. A spinner rig will also allow you to target areas of water that you may not be able to reach by using the water current. Bottom Bouncer Spinner Rig – This is basically the most popular walleye rig for walleye fishing, historically. During late May and early June, when the water temperature is in the 60s, I typically troll at 1.6 to 1.7 mph. ... Spinners and trolling spoons for walleye can be used at speed in the summer but spinners are most effective when used as part of a crawler harness at slower speeds when walleye are feeling lazy. The middle and inside boards have crawlers and I also run a couple flat lines right behind the boat (no boards). Those smaller sized blades spin better at high speeds. Make sure your slip bobber is upright. At the business end, I tie on two, #6, Eagle Claw, treble hooks spacing them about 4″ apart. As I mentioned earlier, my minimum bottom bouncer weight is 3 ounces. Slip Sinker Rigs. You can mix in some other lures, but when the water temperature is over 50 degrees and I see the walleyes holding down low, crawlers are going to be my main game plan. In that tournament we caught over 100 walleyes per day and ended up cashing a nice check in the process. Spinner rigs are great lures to use in any fishing scenario. Make sure to adjust the depth as needed. Starting out with only the 6 6" M combo, our guides recommend spooling it with 8 lb. How To Setup My #1 Favorite Walleye Fishing Rig. I adjust the speed and setback to achieve the right depth too. - Tie a 3-foot monofilament leader to the other end of the barrel swivel. As the season progresses and the fish get … For my sliding dropper, I use a 2′ piece of 12-lb mono to a 2-oz cannon ball weight…allows the weight to slide up and down the line — that way when a fish picks up a bait they can run with it freely.” ... Fall transition walleye locations and presentations. Monofilament. All three are methodically used to cover large expanses of water, but each tactic differs. Few years back a couple guys in our local walleye league were using “bass rods” with their #9 Jigging Raps so they could keep steady pressure on the fish and get ’em straight up and into the net = less time for the fish to shake off. walleyeschoice.com and I use simple, unpainted models. These two factors help with presenting the live bait underwater. Best for Ice Fishing: Lindy Slick Jig. If you want to increase your catch count, you'll test them out. The blades I use for suspended presentations are rather large (#5, #6 or #7). My most consistent speeds for suspended fish are. Select from a wide range of proven big-water colors! The larvae are only an inch long in size but make a quick and easy meal for the walleye. There are three most popular rigs when targeting walleye, which are spinner Worm Harnes, and slip bobber rig, and jig rigs. This rig allows you to set your bait at any depth, providing a natural presentation. Walleye are most commonly caught between 10-40 ft. To find where they’re hiding, you must understand what kind of structure is under the water. As the harness is pulled through the water the blade will create vibration and flash to attract the walleyes. When you find fish, how long do you stay with a certain presentation before you change? Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Walleye Crankbait. Hump: Is a risen section of ground where one end is longer than the other. Like spoons, spinner rigs are most commonly trolled in combination with in-line weights or diving devices designed to reach target depths. Ideal for bigger game fish like walleye, bream, trout, pike, and salmon, spinners activate the desire for survival in fish - presenting themselves as food for fish to eat. If you do end up catching one please tag us on Instagram or Facebook! I only use #3 Colorado spinner blades on my bottom bouncer rigs. It’s 9/11 today. This rig is designed to keep live bait near the bottom, where walleye typically feed, while resisting snags and allowing the bait to move naturally. Participant. For rigging tip-ups for walleyes we like Berkley’s Tip-Up Line (20 pound test) as the main line, and tie on a small swivel that we use to attach a leader of 8 or 10 pound test Berkley Vanish Fluorocarbon Leader Material. I have found through much experimentation that the leader length is not really a big factor in hooking fish as long as it is at least two feet in length. By far, over the last few years, we’ve caught more walleyes on my charter boat using bottom bouncers and spinner/crawler rigs that all other presentations combined. Cotton Cordell Wally Diver Fishing Lure - … A spinner rig for walleye will allow you to cover much more ground. For beginners, the slip bobber rig is one of the most popular. Walleye like to hide within the cover and ambush baitfish. During April and May, when the water temperature is in the 50s, my typical trolling speed with bottom bouncers is 1.4 to 1.5 mph. One day though I was pre-fishing for an MWT tournament on Saginaw Bay and we found a great spot with lots of big walleyes. ... By moving the weight closer to the bait in stained water conditions, the walleye are … But in the early season when you need to slow things down a bit a harness allows you to troll at super slow speeds. Want to learn more tips & tricks about catching walleye? Read on to learn more about fishing with spinner rigs.… Third, take a size #7 split shot out and pinch it around a foot above the hook. When fish are holding deep, spinner/crawler rigs are going to be a top choice. I recently spent four days fishing on Lake Sakakawea located in central North Dakota. Slow death rigs are one of my favorites. As my trolling speeds increase, my setback also lengthens too which keeps the wire ticking on the bottom. I do not like three hook harnesses because I often use a half a crawler. I’ve thrown the heavvvvy’er #6 Rapala Flat Jigs (2.5″, 1 3/16-oz) on a baitcaster … Great Lakes walleyes certainly love crawlers. There are three most popular rigs when targeting walleye, which are spinner Worm Harnes, and slip bobber rig, and jig rigs. Throughout this article we will go through what Rods & Reels to use, what type of fishing line, the most popular walleye fishing rigs, and where to start locating walleye within the lake. 594 North Almont Ave. When I’m fishing deeper water though, I use even heavier bottom bouncers with four and five ouncers seeing action every summer. When the bite is tough or the fish are holding on or near the bottom, crawlers are usually a top choice…. These little … braid for the main structure of the line and attach 12 lb. Walleye fishing takes patients, and is a consistent learning process. You can add a rubber core or split shot a few feet ahead of the spinner … There are times when crankbaits and spoons will out-produce crawlers, but when the bite it tough or … There are times when crankbaits and spoons will out-produce crawlers, but when the bite it tough or the fish are holding on or near the bottom, crawlers are usually a top choice. There's no need to break the bank by any means, but you should shoot for spending between $80.00-$120.00 for both the rod and reel. Occasionally, those fish will suspend, but they typically still stay within five feet of the bottom. Most my spinner rigs for the river have a regular hook for the front bc the blades keep it pretty snagless and if its a crawler setup I put a snagless hook on for the back. My preferred harness leader material is 20# test fluorocarbon line and I prefer the crawler to run about 5′ behind the bottom bouncer down deep. Now days though, walleyes seem to be hanging out on the bottom during the day more times than not. … Box 278 Just my 2cents. Designed for big fish in big water, with an oversized deep-cup Colorado blade, heavier line, and larger hooks. Watch and learn as walleye expert, Dale Gilbert, shares his best tips for trolling for walleye with rigs. Spinners are Winners for Saginaw Bay Walleye The third lure group commonly trolled on Saginaw Bay are nightcrawler harnesses collectively known as "spinner" rigs. Is flora carbon a good or bad choice? The rig itself consists of a weight (Lindy, bottom bounce or snap on) and a spinner setup. When fishing with leeches, the hook point goes right through the “sucker.” With minnows, typically they’re lip-hooked – although some anglers like to hook them through the center of … Commemorative rigs come a variety of hook colors with premium fluorocarbon in 8- and 10-pound tests, in 10-foot lengths perfect for easy trimming to the … Using bigger blades at higher speeds usually results in a tangled mess. Where I mainly fish on Lake Erie and Saginaw Bay, the walleyes there simply love night crawlers, and when rigged on a harness with a spinner, the attraction power of that setup is hard to beat. The slower you go the deeper the lures will sink; going faster causes the lures to ride higher. You can buy from a HUGE assortment of spinner rigs available online, or you can make your own. feet and I prefer fluorocarbon leader material in 20 lbs. 6'6" Medium, Fast Action Spinning Rod with Size 35 (3500) Spinning Reel- Perfect starting rod and reel combo. The main thing to think about is what size is the spinner blade? Imlay City, MI. Fluorocarbon. Jigging can be an extremely successful way to fish for walleye and is one of the most popular techniques. Forth, let some line out and adjust the depth of the tie until your bait is a foot above the bottom. When jigging with soft plastic, it is essential to have a long shank with a lead barb. When fishing with live bait, make sure you know the regulations for where your fishing. A good way to visualize a hump is as it were a sunken hill or mound. Consisting of a few beads, hooks and a rotating blade, spinner rigs—often pulled behind a bottom bouncer—are one of the all-time great walleye presentations. If they are still deeper yet, then I just add multiple, heavy sinkers until I reach the strike zone. Before that I fished bottom bouncers the way everyone else did, very slowly using as light of a bouncer as possible. I am tying some Walleye spinner rigs both for crawlers and minnow/ leach. While having a smaller jig head, it will not be effective in the typical walleye depth of 15-30 Ft. A lot of anglers use in-line fish weights, but in side by side testing, I’ve seen no benefit to using those compared to a plain sinker. jigs are typical when using 4-6" sized soft plastic and 1/8 oz. First, always set these up before heading out to your fishing spot. Click here to read more. Fluoro as a leader. - Tie a small barrel swivel to the end of the line. Each has its purpose and place, allowing an anger, to cover almost any water. Or, as is the choice of many walleye anglers, the offering is a spinner rig with colored beads and a spinner blade (Colorado, Indiana or Willow style). If they are deeper, then I attach a 1.5 ounce sinker. Walleye will travel in schools, so the larger the cover, the better. When jigging live bait, it is crucial to use a Fireball style jig. Walleye fishing Jigs When I run crawler harnesses, I still almost always run a couple crankbaits (one of each outside board) just to mix things up. This rig can be used on the river, trolling, and drifting. It's usually best to keep the rig moving approximately a foot above the bottom. But there’s more to these simple-looking rigs than meets the eye. If I remember right, they won ‘team of the year’ that season. Ahead of the hooks I string on five or six beads and then a quick change clevis. When walleyes are up off the bottom during the day, I typically. Look for areas where cover transitions: like an edge of a weed line or a drop-off. ... Spinner rigs must be weighted to get to the bottom. Having this setup allows the user to feel subtle strikes, as walleye will typically slurp the bait and can be easily missed. 1/4 oz. If you're able to find structure that supplies cover for walleye, your chances of finding fish are increased. Perfect for sensitive strikes. Slip Bobber Rig. Each has its purpose and place, allowing an anger, to cover almost any water. Ideal for jigging or rigging live bait. There has been a major change during the last five years with Saginaw Bay’s walleye behavior. I spent a year living very close to the lake and quickly realized just how special of a walleye fishery it is. Whatever setup you go with, this is where you affix your live bait . Cedar Falls, … Let me give you the bottom line first. Do you have any of these in your tackle box? We hope these tips help you catch a walleye of your dreams! ... team of the year’ that season. Mono is available at most stores that sell any fishing products and has a forgiving stretch.
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