The Myth: Shotgun slugs for big game should be limited to 100 yards. figure 8.18 Scene close-up revealing powder on the shirt and abundant blood. Because of this, the shot and wads exited the barrel but the severed portion of the hull remained in the. Today, I’m going to stoke your appreciation by delving into the history of mini shells, exploring the pros and cons surrounding this type of ammo, and evaluating the performance and best uses of slugs, buckshot, and birdshot. Most African Professional hunters agree that A 12 gauge slug is near ideal to put down a charging leopard. barrel. See next photo. #004630 CSM RBL 20g 2 … Lee 1oz Slug Mould features the exclusive drive key which positively rotates the slug in rifled shotgun barrels. The longer profile provided by the wad allegedly decreases tumbling and improves accuracy. High weight retention sustains bullet momentum to create a long wound channel for maximum destruction of tissue, bone and vital organs to effectively and humanely take down game. These markings allow examiners to test-fire weapons and compare test-fired bullets to those discovered in bodies. On firing, the tube is supposed to separate at this cut. Wound channels, especially temporary wound channels, are also much more devastating compared to the handgun, or even some shotgun defensive loads. There may be through-and-through penetration or a massive energy dump in the body, depending on what the slug strikes. Out Of … of lead adjacent to or surrounding the disk. The size of actual wound channel created by the slug was difficult to gauge since bone used in the test fragmented into numerous secondary projectiles that shredded a large amount of gel. Most of the decedent's face was blown out. Rarely, one will encounter jury-rigged slugs constructed from birdshot shells. The tube, containing its load of shot and wadding, then travels down the barrel, exits, and continues as one missile to the target, producing a single wound of entrance. The wound of entrance from a shotgun slug, whether it be a Foster, Brenneke or Sabot, is circular in shape, with a diameter approximately that of the slug. Over-Penetration: 4/5 This patient was shot by an unknown assailant with a single shotgun shot to the torso. There are so many ARs on the market today that all shooters, including police officers, need to be aware and beware of shoddy parts. The Winchester Sabot has a pentagonal hole in the tip of the slug and a hole in the base closed with a plastic plug. ya dont need 3 inchers, a 2-3/4 slug does the same thing, the recoil aint worth the extra 100 fps, How ever a shotgun slug in a 12ga is a .5 diameter bullet, wieghing 1 ounce traveling at about 1800 fps, I personally have had my 7mm rem mag do more damage then my 870 has, Slugs dont always like to expand alot. In the case of the Sabot round, at close range the two halves of the sabot may either enter the body or impact the skin. Upon complete deployment, the nose sections, which each weigh 20 gr. Determination of the gauge from the diameter of the entrance wound is not possible. Slugs are designed for hunting large game, self-defense, and other uses. in 16 gauge, and 364 gr. What we have now with sabots is, in effect, rifle bullets the size of shotgun slugs (.72 caliber for 12 gauge and .61 for 20 gauge). The wound edges are abraded and there is a thin linear abrasion on the upper right from the muzzle. Slugs are solid, single-projectile bullets that, while not having the “spread” of shot, strike the target with a much greater force, delivering deeper wound channels. Advertisement. Slugs differ from round-ball lead projectiles in that they are stabilized i… The wound of entrance from a shotgun slug, whether it be a Foster, Brenneke or Sabot, is circular in shape, with a diameter approximately that of the slug. Firing in weapons of greater choke could cause the slug to snap at the hourglass waist. Shotgun slugs are used for deer and bear hunting in heavily populated areas where the slug's rapid loss of velocity allegedly affords greater protection from shooting mishaps. figure 8.38 A close-up of the hole in the heart. As the slug penetrates tissue, the nose sections open, increasing the diameter of the projectile and the loss of energy. The diameter of a 12-gauge slug, measuring from the top of one rib to the other, is 18.47 mm (0.727 in.) Figure 8.15 illustrates such a case. The tip of the slug and the end of the sabot were visible at the mouth of the shotgun shell. The high velocity of centerfire cartridges, especially in 5.56 NATO are the reason for this. Even so, I hope until this reviews about it Loud Shotgun Sound And 12 Gauge Shotgun Slug Wound will end up being useful. Figure 8.11 (A) Large, irregular stipple marks of face caused by coarse, white polyethylene filler loaded in early Winchester buckshot loads. Wound Channels: 4.5/5. in 12 gauge, 427 gr. Some ammunition have plastic shot containers that hold the pellets and also act as the wad. The earliest shotgun slugs were simple, round lead balls, slightly smaller than the barrel diameter, so as to pass freely down the bore. Defensive Shotgun Loads — Slugs. I’d go so far to say that anyone shot by a 12g shotgun shell having a load of buckshot or a slug will most likely die if hit anywhere near the center of their body mass from close range. As previously mentioned (see Most lethal methods of suicide), whilst using a firearm to commit suicide is one of the most reliable methods, it is not failsafe.
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