4-position. In Stock . Eat Fish, Wear Grundens, Drink Alaskan. There is no such thing as the best steel, each got their own pros and cons. He also has a custom heat treat protocol, Your email address will not be published. And M398 has a relatively poor ratio of vanadium carbide to chromium carbide because of its high chromium content. The predicted CATRA is quite high for M398, only S125V, S145V, and MPL-1 have clearly better predicted edge retention. The end result is that Elmax2 has similar toughness to the original Elmax, a fact that surprised the designers of the steel [11]. But the steel is too new to really know yet. C : Cr : V : Mo : Mn : Si : W : 1,90 % : 20,0 % : 4,0 % : 1,0 % : 0,30 % : 0,7 % : 0,60 % : ZDP-189. Notable knives with the S35VN S35VN steel has been used in myriads of different knives serving numerous different purposes. After Owning all of the steels asked about I have to say go with the M390. So in terms of maximizing the wear resistance-toughness balance we don’t expect M398 to break any new ground. Your email address will not be published. The addition of niobium is reflected with the … This high-performance alloy offers very high wear and corrosion resistance, yet remains extremely easy to sharpen and maintain. The blade of this remarkable knife is crafted from Böhler-Uddeholm M390 particle metallurgy stainless steel. save hide report. The finer structure of S45VN would be expected to lead to better ease in machining and sharpening and better … $425.00. ! CPM S35VN (Datenblatt: hier) ist ein hochwertiger Edelstahl, der Teil der “SxxV-Serie” von Crucible Industries ist. These 3 steels are very similar yet different. Triple handmade.com has a super trapper in M398 for sale on his site. All of these powder metallurgy stainless steels in the chart are in a fairly narrow band of properties. We had other options and this initial look doesn’t make M398 appear to be an improvement over the other available steels. I want the larger version so 0560, 0561,0562. For a given volume of carbide, wear resistance is maximized by having the hardest carbides possible, which are usually vanadium carbides. “Alternative materials for high-temperature and high-pressure valves.” (2010). Decided to get myself a ZT 056xCF. M390 steel is also slightly more expensive than S35VN, with the price for an average folding knife hovering around the 200 dollar range, whereas one can find a good S35VN folding knife for as low as 130 dollars, although its price can go up to 200 dollars or more. Microtech Ultratech is a double action, button fired automatic knife. Which test? This premium "super steel" is used in many Benchmade knives and several Hinderer and Zero Tolerance models. Spyderco Para Military 3 Sprint Run C223GPFGR, 2.95" CPM S45VN Plain Blade, G-10 Handle. “New Bohler powder metallurgy high speed steel with excellent hot hardness.” In Proc. Dual "at rest" springs allow for button deployment and retraction of the blade. Intel® Core™ i3-390M Processor (3M Cache, 2.66 GHz) quick reference guide including specifications, features, pricing, compatibility, design documentation, ordering codes, spec codes and more. 390 390X Fury-X Fury Nano. S35VN & M390 . Benchmark your GPU here. mrcholla, 19-3ben and jstn like this. M390 itself is a little less tough than K390, which is a high wear resistance non-stainless steel comparable to CPM 10V. S45VN is a king when it comes to field sharpening. This Sprint Run spring-assisted model features carbon fiber handle scales, a drop point style blade in a stonewash finish and the 3-way reversible pocket clip is designed for tip up carry or tip down carry only on the traditional side of the handle. The steel is only available in Russia right now as far as I know, and the datasheet currently available is in Russian [1]. S90V and S110V are close, however, but with significantly lower carbide volume which could mean that they have superior toughness to M398. Crucible’s first major stainless […] I have beater knives, so light duty is the most I'd use it for. The Bohler toughness values can perhaps be compared to Uddeholm if shifted down to compensate for the difference in direction. [8] Maili, I., R. Rabitsch, W. Liebfahrt, H. Makovec, and E. Putzgruber. Die Buchstaben “S”, “V” und “N” beziehen sich auf die Begriffe “rostfrei”, “Vanadium” und “Niob”. Closed Length. Other options New from $109.99. I wrote about some Bohler-patented high wear resistance steels using niobium instead that look very interesting but haven’t seen a commercial release. Thanks to Michael Poor and Connor Kaspar for becoming Knife Steel Nerds Patreon supporters! Depend on the user demands and requirements, one type of steel will look more promising than the others. To show the stark difference here are some non-stainless Crucible PM steels overlaid on the above chart: I’m personally not all that interested in yet another high edge retention steel that sacrifices toughness, ease in sharpening, and workability. CPM® S45VN is a martensitic stainless steel specifically created to transcend its predecessors. : S30V/S35VN or S110V or M390 . The end result is that Uddeholm toughness values are somewhat lower than those for Bohler, particularly for low carbide volumes: You can also see that Elmax and Vanax steels underperform the non-stainless trendline of Vanadis 4 Extra (V4E) and Vanadis 8. You can read more about powder metallurgy and its history in this article. 4.82" (122mm) Edge Length. VS. YouTube *NEW* About 93 13,642 BUY • $325 Release date: Q2 2015. EDGE RETENTION: 7 CORROSION RESISTANCE: 7 EASE OF SHARPENING: 5. Otherwise I'd rather just get a good 1095 carbon steel for fixed blades and NOT pay premium for 20CV / M390 even if stainless steel (both Elmax and AEB-L are also highly stainless). It’s not cheap though. 3.8" long blade, 9.50" overall tip down carry. WTS - S45VN Para 3, Hilberg Sham, M390 Smock. Spyderco sprint runs can be a popular pattern, such as the Delica, receiving special treatment with a new handle or blade material or a unique new pattern of limited production. SPEED … Knife Category Double Action OTF Blade Steel Bohler ELMAX® or M390 or 204P Weight 3.2 oz Blade Length And the datasheet shows that the toughness of M398 is only about a third of M390, though at somewhat higher hardness: Comparing with other Bohler steels, you can see that the toughness of M398 is quite low. Die ersten beiden Generationen des Stahls sind als M390 auf dem Markt, die dritte Generation trägt den Namen M390 Microclean. Roughly comparable steels include S60V, MPL-1 (also called Supracor), and “Elmax2” which is an unreleased, patented stainless steel from Uddeholm that I have named Elmax2 because they haven’t named it. The predicted CATRA is quite high for M398, only S125V, S145V, and MPL-1 have clearly better predicted edge retention. NEWOOTZ EDC Folding Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath,Bohler M390 High-Speed Steel Slim 4in Blade,Ironwood or Titanium Handle with Lock,Tanto Style Gentleman's Knife for Men. The more carbide a steel has the better the wear resistance and the worse the toughness is. S30V is reported to be about 145%, Elmax about 142%, and M390 about 179%: Bohler-Uddeholm CATRA results. The change in composition is primarily an increase in vanadium, from 4% to 7.2%, with a corresponding increase in carbon to maintain the same level of hardness after heat treatment. 154CM used to be considered a premium steel in the past but now has been superseded by these newer steels. They have the ELMAX Version in stock, but the M390 is out of stock or available for pre-order depending on which site.
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