Lucky Bamboo care is extremely easy! Lucky bamboo is considered to be auspicious within the Chinese system of feng shui. on May 12, 2014: Vellur, I did not know all these things about Lucky Bamboo. A small, bamboo-like plant often sold in decorative containers, lucky bamboo is thought to attract abundance in many areas of life. The curly form is beautiful! It is flourishing in a lovely Chinese style pot on the patio. Many people keep lucky bamboo plants in their homes but they may not be aware about all the details about it. 4.7 out of 5 stars 226. I brought 12 stalks of lucky bamboo and i kept them in my room. Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on August 24, 2015: amazmerizing am glad you came to know why your plant was not thriving, thank you for stopping by. Thank you for an informative article, Thank you for the info i have two bamboo plants. Placing the plant in the southeast is supposed to attract wealth and prosperity. I am looking forward to asking her about this bamboo, as I'm sure she would be knowledgeable on it. About the Lucky Bamboo. "Lucky Plants & Bonsai: Good Feng Shui for Home and Work." :-). Question: Is it true that you can't keep the lucky bamboo in the bedroom? Thank you for stopping by. Answer: Do not place the lucky bamboo in your bedroom. Very interesting and useful. Lucky bamboo (Dracaena sanderiana) is a commonly cultivated houseplant that can be grown hydroponically or in soil.While its stalks resemble those of a true bamboo plant, the lucky bamboo plant is actually a part of the Asparagaceae family. When you rotate the lucky bamboo plant the stalks grows into spirals. Answer: According to Feng Shui, the Lucky Bamboo plant attracts positive energy that is supposed to bring good health, peace, happiness, prosperity, longevity and good luck into the home that has this plant. Glad I found out; maybe it’s not to late to save. Up++++. Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on October 08, 2014: Great hub. Hence, a bamboo plant here will help strengthen the finance & bring in more money in to the family. I’ve been searching everywhere as to why my bamboo leaves where during and why it has little bumps. However, Asians and most especially … Faith Reaper I think you are referring to the actual Bamboo plant, the Lucky Bamboo is not a Bamboo at all! travmaj thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Ruby Jean Richert from Southern Illinois on May 12, 2014: I don't think we have it here in America, but i would love to have the curley lucky bamboos plant for the inside of my home. Answer: Yes, transfer the Lucky Bamboo plant to a bigger pot if it grows too big. Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on June 20, 2014: I have one plant. Remove the bottom set of leaves from the offshoot. Great hub with so much detailed information. Fantastic information, especially about how to care for Lucky Bamboos. Hilary Hsieh from Georgia on July 23, 2019: This is a wonderfully detailed article about bamboo. But now I live with my daughter and would love to have a small plant in my room. The lower the light, the less growing it’ll do.Even though it does well in natural light, it’ll burn with too much sun. If you are growing the lucky bamboo plant in water try changing water. Answer: No, there are no adverse effects to owning a Lucky Bamboo. See more ideas about lucky bamboo, bamboo, lucky bamboo plants. mary615 thank you and am sure the plant will survive under your great care! Attracts positive energy in the five areas of life: emotional, intuitive, mental, physical, and spiritual. I also learned about Feng shui. It is believed that when this plant is placed in the east, all family members will be bestowed with good health. Answer: The energy given off by the plant will prevent you from having a proper rest so it is best not to keep the lucky bamboo plant in your bedroom. Three is considered lucky in Feng Shui. Turned into a wooden stick as compared to the other 2 green ones. It is great as a gift and thank you for the votes. Perhaps because I have never studied Feng shui. The main stem is nearly as tall as I am 5'7", and am wondering whether I need to take top out of it, or put it into another pot. When provided with direct sunlight and pure water, the lucky bamboo plants can survive for nearly a decade. Victoria Lynn from Arkansas, USA on May 12, 2014: What about sun needs? teaches12345 it is beautiful and easy to look after, thank you. Look for a stalk that has at least two nodes (horizontal section dividers), and look for an offshoot that is at least 4 to 6 inches tall. Lucky bamboo plants bring good luck and prosperity to the owner, as believed in some cultures. Thanks for a really interesting hub.I have seen these plants around before but I never knew their significance. Answer: Use liquid fertilizers made specifically for Lucky Bamboo plants. I am also planning to place some bamboo in my home! Oct 31, 2018 - Explore Krystal Chocolate DivaSauce's board "LUCKY BAMBOO", followed by 634 people on Pinterest. Question: Can we keep two lucky bamboo plants with different number of stalks in the office. Agniv Saha any number of lucky bamboo stalks other than 4 is good luck. I am quite surprised and your approach tot his topic is so well understood. Never given as a gift. Thanks for sharing. Low light is no light. 99. Not only does it do well in soil, but it does well in plain water, as well. Its popularity has resulted from its easy care, growing very well in water, no soil needed, and it is known for bringing luck and good feng shui. Question: Why are the stalks of lucky bamboo plant yellow but leaves are green? nell. Lucky bamboo is a popular and common houseplant, but unlike many others, it’s very easy to care for and doesn’t need to be planted in soil: It can survive in just a few inches of water! You can then use this water for your Lucky Bamboo. For this reason, four is considered to be unlucky. Useful, awesome, interesting, right up there! How do I get the stalk to become thicker? 2 Stalks: 2 is a lucky number as per Chinese beliefs. Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on October 13, 2014: ocfireflies(Kim) thank you for reading. Thanks for the information and education. I will share this hub with HP, friends and FB, Pinterest and Twitter. Faith Reaper from southern USA on May 12, 2014: Such an interesting hub! Wow! Lucky Bamboo grow … Nice to know more about them. Question: What do I do with my lucky bamboo that has 4 stalks? After reading this hub a few months ago, I purchased Lucky Bamboo for my bedroom which gets little light. Question: My lucky bamboo is tall and skinny. I have never heard of Lucky Bamboo. Jo Alexis-Hagues from Lincolnshire, U.K on May 16, 2014: I've seen this plant, and thought it looked interesting but never actually bought one. Very cool, thanks for sharing. Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on March 20, 2015: mary615 thank you for stopping by and thanks for the vote up and share. Was intending to get a few house plants myself and reading this just gave me some ideas. Good, useful and delightful hub. This was fascinating, I had never heard of Lucky Bamboo! Answer: Lucky bamboo plants can grow in water with a few pebbles placed in the container to hold the stalks in place. "Caring for Lucky Bamboo." Answer: Try adding nitrogen fertilizer and trim off yellow leaves. alwaysexploring thank you and curly bamboos are great. Hackslap am happy that it has made a difference for you. Nithya Venkat (author) from Dubai on May 12, 2014: WiccanSage thank you, the luck factor differs with numbers!! (^_^). Answer: Yes, all plants produce oxygen during photosynthesis. But I see that 1 of them has stopped growing completely. Question: What type of liquid fertilizers can be added to a Lucky Bamboo Plant? The process can take up to a year or more to complete. Should I remove it and turn it into a 2 stalked bamboo? I love its greenery and it does give you positive vibes, when they are around. Answer: The stalks can turn yellow if the plant receives too much sunlight, too much fertilizer, or any external injury. The botanical name of lucky bamboo is Dracena sanderiana. Lots of interesting information. As I grew up in a Taiwanese family, I often saw these around my house throughout my life. I found that very interesting & Love this plant. It requires bright, ventilated areas. The technique involves exposing only one side of each stalk to light so that it starts to grow in that direction, and then periodically rotating the stalks. It belongs to the same family as the lily. Did You Know? It tolerates dry air and does not require constant spraying. "Fu" means luck and fortune, "gui" means power and honor, and "zhu" means bamboo. Dracaena sanderiana is a species of flowering plant in the family Asparagaceae, native to Central Africa. Lucky bamboo is a great indoor plant that is very easy to grow. Answer: Use water that does not have chemicals in it. Too much fluoride or chlorine content in the water. ChitrangadaSharan thank you, yes these plants are great to have. Question: Is it okay if I put the lucky bamboo in my bedroom? You might wonder if it is permissible to buy this plant for yourself, or if somehow the luck is transmitted only if it is given as a gift. I thought it fascinating that the Lucky Bamboo is actually Lily plants! As for the Lucky Bamboo tree, it has been hugely popular in Asian culture where it has been considered a symbol of good fortune for well over four millennia. [2] It was named after the German–English gardener Henry Frederick Conrad Sander (1847–1920). Lucky bamboo plants are not bamboos at all; they are part of the lily family. Harry from Sydney, Australia on May 12, 2014: Im a believer in Feng Shui and have 3 lucky bamboos in my house's an 8-stalk's a single stem and one's a 3-stem ...I can certainly say they have made a difference over the past few months I've owned them .. FYI ..there're the rare and expensive 21-stalk lucky bamboos too.. Passing it along. I often buy these for gifts. Answer: No, you will not have bad luck if your lucky bamboo plant dies. I was not familiar with this bamboo and the purposes/luck involved. The process takes a long time and requires expertise. Cuttings can be made year round. Answer: Get a lucky bamboo with stalks more than 4 or less than 4. Lucky Bamboo is the perfect plant for plant lovers with a busy lifestyle. Question: Does lucky bamboo attract mosquitoes due to the stagnant water? Am glad you enjoyed! I have these plants in the house just because I find them quite pretty and easy to maintain. Jm Bamboo 10 Stalks of 8 Inches Straight Lucky Bamboo for Gifts or Fengshui. Is it bad luck to keep it? Chitrangada Sharan from New Delhi, India on May 13, 2014: Very nicely explained hub! Fascinatingly, lucky bamboo is not actually a bamboo plant at all. According to feng shui principles, the lucky bamboo plant attracts auspicious chi energy.It's a living example of feng shui elements water, wood, and earth. And they're easy to care for. Vinaya Ghimire from Nepal on May 25, 2016: What a co-incident. Question: Originally I had a bamboo plant with 3 stalks. Question: Some of my bamboo has turned bad, meaning that the layers of bamboo have reduced. great hub vellur, voted up and shared! Answer: Lucky Bamboo blooms in the summer in its natural surroundings. I did not even know it was called that, nor did I know it is not really bamboo. ocfireflies from North Carolina on October 12, 2014: Really cool! Represents growth and thriving. $14.50 $ 14. Will be weary of anyone giving me four-stalk bearing bamboo. Lucky bamboo has many common names, including curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, friendship bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant, Belgian evergreen, and ribbon plant. CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on May 27, 2014: This is awesome. sanderiana.[2]. Question: Why was the Lucky Bamboo plant named that? ; Water: The water the bamboo needs for its vibrant growth obviously represents the water element. East: When placed in East, the lucky bamboo plant helps attract awesome health for family members. Lucky bamboo has many common names, including curly bamboo, Chinese water bamboo, friendship bamboo, Goddess of Mercy plant, Belgian evergreen, and ribbon plant. Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on May 14, 2014: Great advice here.
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