You can also add charcoal but this is optional. These interesting flowers can be found in a range of colors and sizes depending on the variety. Orchid Care After Blooming Your plant has given its performance, and has finally dropped its colorful petals. Younger or weaker plants may not rebloom and some Phalaenopsis are genetically incapable of reblooming from the old spike. Care of indoor orchid plants is easy once you learn how to grow them properly. While orchids tolerate cooler or warmer temperatures throughout their normal growing season, they need to be about 15 degrees cooler at night than during the day in order to bloom sufficiently. Look for plants that have healthy green leaves or are not too wilted and show new root growth. Explore and order our orchids online. Indoor Plants. If you have a brassavola orchid such as this one in your house or garden, you could scent it prior to you see it. Orchids are one of the largest genera of flowering plants, with about 30,000 species worldwide. In the orchid world the term ‘flower spike’ means the part where the flowers grow. Also keep an eye out for signs of pests or disease. There are several types of growing media that can be used with orchid plants—redwood or fir bark, sphagnum peat moss, rocks, cork, charcoal, sand, potting soil, etc. It requires time and patience. The Vanilla orchid is native to Mesoamerica where the Totonaco Indians cultivated it. Keep reading to get some indoor orchid care tips. Flower spikes start to grow out from in-between the orchid … Temperature is also important for indoor orchid care. Botanical Name: Oncidium Care and Feeding: Preferring cooler temperatures at night, oncidiums are happy on a windowsill away from heating vents (if the sun is too bright, shield the plant with a gauzy fabric shade). Grower Pot Yellow Phalaenopsis Orchid, Luna River 3.5 in. Mon - Sat: 12:00PM to 4:30PM Sun: Closed PHONE: 630.543.6855 FAX: 630.543.9842 It’s imperative that the orchid pots are equipped with drainage holes to allow excess water to run out of the pot. Bio Pot Purple Phalaenopsis Orchid, Luna River 5.0 in. The orchid should send out a new stem and flower again during blooming season. With 30,000 different species of orchids, it is impossible to give general care and cultivation instructions. They are widely available. Orchids are deceptive when it comes to light because the leaves of the plant can look healthy and green while, in fact, the orchid plant is getting too little light to truly thrive. Technically, an orchid is a flowering plant that exhibits a unique reproductive strategy. Orchid Flower Plant, Pink in 4" Blue Ceramic Container, From Hallmark Flowers. Fertilize orchids weekly or bi-weekly while they are producing new growth and decrease to monthly or bi-monthly intervals once they mature. Phalaenopsis orchids are cheap to buy and their flowers last for many weeks. While some are tiny plants, only a few inches tall, others like the Vanilla orchid grow on towering vines. Many of them are. Even though they have the fame of lasting … It's always worth a try. From a plant's perspective, houses usually have dim light, so you'll usually have better luck with orchid varieties that tolerate low light levels. Once the flowers have finally faded, it’s tempting to discard your plant, but with a few simple tricks it’s possible to make your orchid flower again, not only in a few months’ time, but for many years to come. Place a water-filled saucer or tray of pebbles beneath plants, mist plants daily, or use a humidifier. Olympic Orchids & Orchid Finders, WA - high-quality orchid plants from our online catalog. Are orchids difficult to grow? Orchid Plant in Wood Pot (2-Stems), Mothers Day Orchid Plant in 4 in. Provided they have proper growing conditions, it isn’t difficult to learn how to take care of orchid plants. Above: For a similar lacy-flowered orchid, an Oncidium spachelatum ‘Sunbeam’ is $25 from Odom’s Orchids. Bringing Your Orchid … Orchids are exquisite plants, comprising over 30,000 different species and over 200,000 hybrid varieties--making orchids one of the two largest families of plants in the world. Plants may bloom for months until spent flowers fall from plants. But with orchids, it’s called a ‘spike’, or ‘flower spike’ to be exact. Use pots with drainage holes. Orchid plants and flowers range in size and shape. In other plants, this part might be referred to as a ‘stem’ or ‘branch’. For instance, phalaenopsis orchids are usually grown in coarse bark, cattleyas in medium bark, and young orchid plants are best grown in fine bark. White Flower Farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern Connecticut. 3.1 out of 5 stars 17. ... Just Add Ice White with Purple Spots 5 in. After the bloom is done, go ahead and cut off the dead flower spike with sterile snippers and repot the plant. Place orchids in an east to south-facing window or room. Orchids are amongst the most beautiful flowers of the entire plant kingdom, combining exotic looks with a diverse set of characteristics. Orchids should be potted into specialized orchid pots in an orchid mixture. Keiki . However, too much light can lead to leaf scorch. Bright Light. Becky Brinkman, the Fuqua Orchid Center Manager for the Atlanta Botanical Garden, says growing orchids should come easily for those accustomed to handling cut flowers. These plants prefer bright, indirect light. Generally, the grade of bark is dependent on the type of orchid grown. Determining whether a new growth is a root or a flower spike is largely a matter of visual observation and time. The orchid family is one of the largest in the realm of flowering plants: More than 25,000 species grow naturally, on every continent except Antarctica. Please call us at: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (1-800-466-3337), Please enter in your email address in the following format: Additional orchid care tips include repotting, which is normally done every other year. Even though they need some extra attention, orchids are well … Orchid Plant in Wood Pot (2-Stems) (7) Model# 270781 $ 35 64. Plants & Garden Flowers. Orchids are some of the most commonly grown houseplants. Orchids, like animals, are susceptible to viruses, so whenever cutting an orchid plant always use a sterile tool to prevent the spread of virus. Insufficient light results in poor flowering. There are various ways to increase the humidity in your home. East-facing windowsills are great spots for orchids; an unscreened south-facing window can be a little too bright and hot, but a sheer curtain can add just the right amount of filtering. A lot of people want to buy the orchid that has the most open flowers, but the one with fewer open flowers and more buds will go the distance. They also share some other floral characteristics, including (usually) a highly modified petal called a lip, or labellum. Buds. Grower Pot with Red Wrap, 5 in. Plant delivery available nationwide. Any Light. These can usually be washed off or treated with insecticidal soap. The American Orchid Society notes that Phalaenopsis is the only commercially available variety that may set flower … Column – It’s the fleshy part in the center of the orchid flower that holds the vital reproductive parts. Orchids are a beautiful and exotic flower, and I bet you didn't know they are one of the easiest house plants to care for. With the explosion of orchids available in grocery stores, big box hardware stores and flower shops, there is a good chance perfectly healthy orchids can be found in the potted plant clearance section. Mature Height (in. Need Help? Orchids require little care once all their basic needs are met such as light, temperature, and humidity. Orchid Plant in Wood Pot (2-Stems), Purple 5 in. ): 12. Unlike many plants, many species of orchids are fall bloomers. Just like every other flowering plant, orchids do not flower all year round. Bio Pot White Phalaenopsis Orchid, Luna River 5.0 in. Orchid Aqua Color Fused in Container, Luna River 4.0 in. The flowers don’t last as long individually but the plants will put out new blossoms on the same flower spike, creating a longer flower cycle overall. Medium Light. The greatest concentration of orchid varieties is found in the tropical regions of the world, namely in Asia and Central and South America. Sign up for our newsletter. Orchid blooms aren’t eternal. Orchids have four needs. You should wait to stake a new growth until you see that it is in fact a flower spike and is as tall as the stake itself. But besides their beauty they are very delicate plants that require precise steps of care to keep it in good condition and looking perfect throughout the flowering period.Growing orchids indoors successfully can be a challenge for anyone. 29 Results Live Good Type: Orchid. Orchids need ample water but should be allowed to dry out some between waterings. These plants prefer bright, indirect light. Place orchids in an east to south-facing window or room. Products shown as available are normally stocked but inventory levels cannot be guaranteed, For screen reader problems with this website, please call 1-800-430-3376 or text 38698 (standard carrier rates apply to texts), Grower's Orchid Phalaenopsis in 5 in. Insufficient light results in poor flowering. Orchid flower spikes. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Orchids are beautiful and elegant flowers, perfect to create a unique decorative touch in any domestic space. They don’t grow in regular potting soil, and they take some extra attention to get to bloom. Orchids require shallow planting. All Rights Reserved. Shopping for Orchids When shopping for an orchid, look for as many closed buds as possible to make the bloom show last as long as possible. In fact, some are almost impossible to keep alive, much less bring into bloomeven for professional growers.
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