In May, Kitty Hawk general counsel Molly Abraham made a filing in Delaware to incorporate a company under the name of Cora Aero at the same address as Kitty Hawk; a November filing lists Cora Aero’s CEO as Gary Gysin, who until February was head of Liquid Robotics, a developer of wave-powered autonomous watercraft that was acquired by Boeing in 2016. It … The original vision was to produce a literal flying car, with folding wings so it could fit inside a home garage, but that was quickly abandoned as impractical, and Zee went on to try other designs, including one registered with FAA under the name “Mutt” because of its marriage of new elements with an older configuration. The company’s other major program, Cora, also faces daunting regulatory hurdles. Another version needs to be constructed with safety systems, weatherproofing and passenger comforts, and designed to be easily manufacturable. Boeing might be the one to see it through. The modern-day Kitty Hawk was run by Thrun, who previously directed Google’s moonshot R&D program and founded online education company Udacity. Last year, the Mountain View Fire Department was called to put out an early morning blaze at the Flyer building, city records show; former employees said the fire at the Google-owned building involved damaged batteries that had been pulled out of a Flyer that had crashed the previous day in flight testing under remote operation. It is supported by Google's co-founder Larry Page. “We have moved to seeing it as a transportation service and not as a vehicle for individual purchase,” said Daver. You can learn more about our use of cookies and data collection, including opt-out information, by reading our privacy policy, found here. The company was founded 2010. Shernaz was CMO of Inktomi for six years and took the company public; worked in video games, and started out at Sun Microsystems. Zee tested a piloted electric aircraft that the company considered selling as a kit to be assembled by buyers. Since 2010, Kitty Hawk has been making strong advances in eVTOL technology. There is one thing that could seriously delay Thrun's Jetson style flying cars, and that's safety. In the case of urban air mobility, many of the requirements don’t yet exist. In 1903, the Wright brothers took flight for the first time from the beaches of Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. Thrun wanted a small team to work fast and creatively, using as many off-the-shelf components as possible, according to former employees. Shernaz brings a track record of building brands and taking businesses to the next level to her work at Kitty Hawk. Hard yards lie ahead for Cora in New Zealand, where Kitty Hawk chose to try to win safety certification due to enticing features of the country’s air safety code, which promises to allow the company to collaboratively define airworthiness standards with that country’s Civil Aviation Authority. Among the failures were a series of fires during its development. “The technology is one thing, but 80% of the effort is in productizing and building an aircraft that can be certified,” said Lawson. These challenges may explain why a strategic partnership with Boeing announced in June could go much deeper than publicly announced. By continuing to use our Services, you are consenting to our use of cookies and our data collection. Thrun sees personalized air transportation as the solution to traffic congestion. The YouTube personality Casey Neistat gave it a try, publishing a video that was watched 2.2 million times in which he shouts happily while banking and spinning Flyer around the lake. Kitty Hawk has applied for a permit in Jersey City, New Jersey, to develop a floating dock and hangar for a potential route across the Hudson River to Manhattan, and is exploring a route across San Francisco Bay, according to local media. Damon Vander Lind is a start-up founder, aircraft designer, and engineer with a passion for building highly efficient flying vehicles. Prior to joining Kitty Hawk, Damon was the lead engineer at Makani, a company that developed the first wind-power generating tethered kite to harness wind resources for supplying the world with clean energy. She did not comment directly on the fires or reports of breakdowns or problems with batteries. Sebastian Thrun (President and CEO) Website: Kitty Hawk Corporation is an American aircraft manufacturer producing electric personal air vehicles History. We are proud to partner with public and private organizations who share our vision for a traffic-free future. Then in 2018 it started giving a small number of media test rides at Lake Las Vegas of a more finished vehicle with a composite frame with a constellation of ten upward-facing rotors around it. Udacity is for online learning, offering nano-degrees (short courses) in areas including drones and machine learning; Kitty Hawk Corp is making electric planes and flying cars while AI powered is trying to automate repetitive jobs. Since our journey began, we have tested 100+ eVTOL prototypes, and there’s no end in sight. 4 minute read Inspired Execution: CEO of Kitty Hawk and Founder & Executive Chairman of Udacity Sebastian Thrun discusses the transformative role AI and machine learning will play in the future of education, what it’s like to be at the helm of two companies at once, and learning from failure. Sebastian Thrun isn’t your ordinary Silicon Valley computer geek-cum-Stanford professor. Late that year the Mountain View, California-based company also began flight-testing a more ambitious project in New Zealand: a two-seat electric self-flying taxi called Cora that Kitty Hawk says will enable city dwellers to soar over gridlocked streets. (Update: In Monday’s announcement, Boeing and Kitty Hawk confirmed Gysin is the CEO of the new joint venture company.). The company believes that when everyone has access to personal flight, a new, limitless world of opportunity will open up to them. Eventually Kitty Hawk, which went on to absorb Zee.Aero, embarked on a mission to be the first to get an electric passenger aircraft to market that could take off and land vertically.
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