It comes loaded with power and spin, as well as maneuverability. However, the sweetspot was large and the racquet was stable, so for a 100-square-inch racquet, this is up there as one of my favorites. ", Like Michelle, Julie needed to find her happy medium. I have to admit, it seemed like this new Pure Drive felt a bit more control-oriented in this area. Babolat lançará uma nova versão de seu famoso Pure Drive em 2021. Don't forget to check out what our playtesters have to say about the all-new Babolat Pure Drive. Pure Drive v klasickém provedení je 300 g vážící kousek, který rozhodně nepatří do kategorie raket pro začátečníky či mírně pokročilé amatéry. Babolat lançará uma nova versão de seu famoso Pure Drive em 2021. Love the updated cosmetic as well, looks super slick! I got very easy power from the baseline, along with easy depth and great comfort. Adding a little extra spin did the trick. As a huge fan of the Pure Drive family, I was excited to get the latest version out on court and see what differences it could make for my game. It was a joy to bang hard flat serves, and the sound it produced on a clean shot was something to admire — a pure and loud crack. If I had to compare it to something that's on the market today, I would say either a more muted Wilson Ultra 100 or a Head Graphene 360+ Extreme MP.". ", Chiming in from the Southern Hemisphere, Tennis Only playtester Jaye was happy to play heavy-hitting tennis. ", Tennis Only's Hayden also has a history with this line and has called the Pure Drive Plus his racquet of choice. It definitely allowed me to get the pace going on first serves. ", As the only player on this playtest with a one-handed backhand, Zsofi loved how the Pure Drive strengthened her return off that wing. All content copyright 2020 Tennis Warehouse. ", The easy power also tempted Brittany to sometimes overhit. The Babolat Pure Drive 2021 is more dampened and feels more comfortable than the predecessor. Overall, it had great control and power with seemingly low effort. She currently plays with the Yonex EZONE 100. … The brand makes a noticeable change in feel without taking away any power or spin. It felt super crisp and responsive overall. I recently started hitting with the new Dunlop FX 500, and surprisingly, these two racquets feel super similar; both are great! The Babolat Pure Drive keeps the same profile of being the modern players racquet that it has been known for. All Rights Reserved. It's the perfect racquet for aggressive baseliners to come finish the point at net. Zosfi: Open level aggressive baseliner with an eastern forehand and one-handed backhand. Rock solid. I could go on and on. Tennis players sometimes like to reference their racquet as a "weapon of choice," and the ferocity with which our team could attack their groundstrokes and serves with the Pure Drive might help explain why. © 2020 Tennis Channel Network. Babolat Pure Drive Team. shipping: + $25.00 shipping . I was trying to generate as much speed as possible, and I was losing a bit of control in the process. ", When it comes to serving, the Pure Drive's ability to boost your power level is nearly the stuff of legend, and our team once again found truth in the story. Babolat Pure Drive (2021) ... All in all, this version of the Pure Drive keeps to its powerhouse heritage and won't alienate fans, and updates to the feel might even make some new ones. Copyright © Tennis Warehouse. The responsiveness and quickness of the racquet allowed me to hit the ball aggressively and very early. ", Hayden - "I like the easy and fun power I can achieve so easily with this frame.
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