I’m currently having fun with helical stripes and looking forward to the next lesson. There is also a technique called helix knitting. I have always accepted this seam with serenity, as something I cannot change. Every knitter knows that you should purchase all the yarn you need for a larger project at the same time and make sure to match dyelots. Last week i decided to knit some baby balloon pants with single row stripes. Hi Teresa! Stitch marker sets, knitting kits and my original patterns! I kept detailed notes as I knit the exact same number of rounds through each of the four skeins forming extra wide stripes of about 4″ each. At my LYS, the owner, Mary, suggested this type of striping and explained how to do it. I think I understand that you do that on each color. The idea is appealing and I know it works very well for some. The Crazy Zauberball is made from two plies and they are each different colours that gradually change. Many thanks, Jen. http://www.ravelry.com/discuss/arnall-culliford-knitwear/3587331/1-25#3 But if you have any difficulty with that at all, then please just email me on [email protected] with your full name and Ravelry username and I can help you to get it sorted out. View Larger Image. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/stashbusting-helix-hats. (People who know me: stop laughing.) So clever! And I can’t wait to see what’s next! I’m very happy with how this project turned out. I knew this wasn’t a great choice though, so my first step was to knit up a small mixed swatch and photograph it. Click to sign up for my newsletter and exclusive pattern discounts. I hope that makes sense. Any tips? Sep 20, 2020 - Learn something new with every project!. It also means you need very little yarn in each colour - apart from the brim, there only has to be enough of each to knit five rounds. I had come accross Helix knitting for stripes a few years ago but it never dawned on me to use it to alternate skeins of hand dyed yarn. If there's a distinct line, dammit, I'm alternating those bad boys! The Jogless Join - How to Alternate Skeins without a Seam when knitting in the round - YouTube. See more ideas about Knitting tutorial, Yarn, Knitting techniques. Once I get going, there’s no telling what will happen.). While not as soft as merino, Helix has excellent stitch definition and is perfect for sweaters , color work, hard-wearing boot socks and mittens. For the past 15 or 20 years (hmmm, coinciding with onset of motherhood), I’ve had a “triage” mindset, in knitting and in life. But helical stripes, the same simple technique that lets you knit single-row stripes without a jog at the color change, also lets you change from knit to purl without that seam. Helix Knitting It is that time of year again where I divide my time between baking a zillion cookies (no, I am not kidding) and finishing up holiday gifts. This will only work when knitting in the round, with dpns or circular needles. I hate that spine but I accept it and do my best to make it less obvious. I have more than 70 patterns available through Ravelry, LoveKnitting, Knit Picks, WEBS, Love of Knitting magazine, Knit Now magazine and others. There are lots of us around in the knitalong threads to help out if you’re stuck. But I trust Jen. Seen here on Mona (my dress form) the drape of the yarn helps keep the mess on the wrong side from showing drastically on the right side of the knitted fabric. Since I was careful to maintain the same length for each of the skeins in order for the entire project, the gentle differences in color made intentional wide stripes. Alternating Skeins Makes the Colors Blend The simple solution is to alternate skeins to blend the color variations. I decided I simply did not have the available brain space to give this the try it deserved and shelved it for a later project. That’s what Jen says. Without machines, hand-dying makes use of the age-old yarn colouring techniques of painting and dabbing, to create a beautiful, natural looking yarn. Continue alternating skeins every round.
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