He had the coyotes in the brush and I could hear the coyotoes yelping. We saw them coming, hunkered down to look small and get them in close – ‘got them in about 15 yds away and I sent him. I also have sympathy for a female animal trying to feed her pups. They don’t want to be injured. A pack of coyotes on the otherhand can most definetly take on 2 large breed dogs… IF coyotes are looking to take a small dog, they’d probably do so when the small dog had wandered off some distance alone. For most of his life he was big, fast, healthy – why take a chance? They know how to bite to kill, tame shepherd does not. I’ll send my dog after them. Is the yard small enough so that the “pack” would be required to stay close together? Pepe was attacked by three Coyotes. He was sitting outside with his German Shepherd named Princess when she approached 2 coyotes. If injured so they couldn’t get away from him, that would be IT. In our urban areas of Az the mentality is like yours, coyotes lose fear of both human and their dogs and problems occur. Be welcome here, enjoy, and learn! This German shepherd-like coloration probably comes from a dog gene that moved into the coyote gene pool in a hybridization event ~50 years ago. Yes, I've trained GSD's professionally and hunted coyotes. In many cases, the coyotes attack after a curious dog comes into contact with the coyote(s). A Chihuahua named Pepe was lucky to be alive after he was brutally attacked by Coyotes in his own backyard. Feral dogs in the area also kill coyotes that get in their way. Coyote vests are made for small dogs and have a Kevlar neck collar armed with 1-inch spikes and spikes down the back, making it hard for coyotes to … I live in Big Park, Arizona. Please call the humane society so they can help get.” this poor pup back to health. A year and a half later, he’d changed. Eighty to ninety percent of coyote deaths from wolves take place at kills, where Wily Coyote is not quite so sneaky and gets a little too close to his larger brethren. Whom hold the area/territory your ranch is on. After he came on the scene, I didn’t see Mom and Dad again. We have a miniature pinscher, 16 pounds, who had a very close encounter with a coyote on a spring morning. yipps:janetkessler Tags: coyote vs. dog, coyote vs. german shepherd, coyote vs. large dog. We are in the mountains next to Coconino National Forest at 4250 feet elevation. When I walk the country road here my dogs are on leads, We see coyotes almost daily and have them around the house and in the yards (several acres) Tuesday morning I was unloading my Nissan after a visit to the market. If you can’t get a good, long look at the animal, you can at least get a … It’s definitely a challenge, though, and there’s a message – go away. For other animals, this can … Janet. The coyote came back and I ran him off and even kicked the hell out of him when he stood his ground. Basically you are proving to everyone who reads this that your ego is so fragile that you have to have it out with a little coyote. The coyotes then attacked the German Shepherd. Yeah, its a bluff and we were on the other side of a chain link fence. against one maybe but a pack of coyotes ( better know how to run fast). The only advantage a coyote has is speed and it’ll undoubtedly use it to run away. With the exception of the driveway our area is surrounded by barb wire which makes no difference to deer, mountains lion, bobcats, javelinas or coyotes. What would be the purpose of that? When you truly raise a dog like a German Shepard as the breed is intended to be and you have no fear of coyotes your GS will kill a coyote with no issues. I let him go. A German Shepherd would definitely win. ], Previous Wallowing, Wiggling & Warping: Photo Sequence Next Celebrating *Long* on the Longest Day. Previously, I had a 90-lb Lab and currently, a 96-lb GSD who does NOT like coyotes. The dog pictured has never seen real action. However, these boys didn't seem to get that memo. Let me show you why I say so. I just haven’t heard of so many incounters B/4 I’ve never had a fear or problem with any coyote’s, especially one alone. Coyotes also have shorter, bushier tails that are carried low, almost dragging the ground, and longer, narrower muzzles than their dog cousins. Here’s team Mom and Dad coyote. They test one another looking for fun or for the chance of a gain. Do you think a coyote will avoid jumping over if there is a shepherd there? Even 2 coyotes would very likely be victorious. Soon the coyote begins demanding food. Why don’t you be the “bigger” guy by allowing them to be, rather than trying to engage with them to prove yourself “larger”, which you physically are. Jul 11, 2019 @ 19:39:16. Humans killed that coyote by feeding it long before it was “put down” by authorities. A determined Alpha coyote or a pr, can/will try to kill, or run off most breeds of dogs. We keep our min pin on leash from dusk until well after dawn, but he wears his vest and roams freely during the day. I’ve read from studies that unlike wolves, coyotes have one coyote defend their territory. Coyotes? Jul 24, 2019 @ 16:38:56. Larger dogs need to be kept away from coyotes — it’s the larger dogs that continually go after them and create the problem in the first place. He escaped, and he now wears a Kevlar coyote vest whenever he is outside off leash, We keep him on leash from dusk until well past dawn. In real life though, it depends on the dog. Please don’t allow your little dog to roam free — he needs to be supervised always when out-of-doors, as you would a small child with a life-vest in a swimming pool. That pictured dog? I agree: coyotes and dogs don’t have a peaceful coexistence. The dogs don’t know the territory as intimately as a coyote has to know its own territory. yipps:janetkessler Wolves I’ve read just kill intruders. Whenever you see a coyote, shorten the leash and walk the other way. That’s Mom at the left of the frame. At stake is their food, their mate, and their children. that ‘zooms’ us, seemingly protesting our existence on their turf by running near and vocalizing. 3 times that night. Information and stories about San Francisco coyotes: behavior & personality, coexistence & outreach, by Janet Kessler: Unveiling first-hand just how savvy, social, sentient and singular coyotes really are! It isn’t like in a dog park. They often can tire out a heftier pursuer by running up and down steep inclines. Based on the dog breed that it is mixed with, the Coydog will vary in appearance. Dogs of the same breed are not equal and neither are men when it comes to raising dogs. If a full-grown adult male GSD (German Shepherd Dog) goes head to head against a young coyote, the Shepherd has a higher chance of winning. Now, the following photograph, I did not take, it was taken by a friend of mine, Janet Kessler in a San Francisco park. A can a rottweiler kill a coyote breed description. Shasta is … She is as sweet as can be. His work is copyrighted and may only be used with his explicit permission. Coyotes can and will attack dogs, even German Shepherds, especially when there’s more than 1 coyote. One night, with about 6 approaching (headlamps reveal them coming several hundred yards out), I got an uneasy feeling and we left. I’m not saying a coyote doesnt have its advantages in the fields mentioned here, but most real GSd of guarding will probably scare the coyote away. Let alone a local pr of coyotes or a family group of coyotes. You can prevent this antagonism by keeping dogs away from them: leashing. To a wild coyote, a dog in coyote territory acts untutored in the ways of the wild. Large breed dogs that are breed and raised right will kill a coyote if the owner of the dog has showed or let that dog explore his more natural killers side. yipps:janetkessler Como espantar a un coyote para que se vaya, Farms and Ranches: the Futility of Killing Coyotes as a Management Tool, How To Handle A Coyote Encounter: A Primer, 共存简要守则 – Guidelines in Chinese, Ciudadanos Coyotes: Vamos a conocerlos: Una introducción, Coyote Town: Leave SF's Coyotes Alone, by Julia Wong, Coyote Whisperer Warns of Coyote Encounters During Pupping Season, Family First: Wily Coyote's Here to Stay, by Linnea Due, How To Coexist With Wild Coyotes — From SF's Own 'Coyote Whisperer', How to get Along With Coyotes As Pups Venture Out, Bay Nature, Janet Kessler: The Urban Coyote Watcher, by Leath Tonino, Making Peace With Coyotes by Tripp Robbins, On First-Name Basis With San Francisco Coyotes, Photographer's Raccoon Adventure in GGPark, San Francisco Residents Coexisting With Coyotes, by Robin Hindery, Sharing Bernal Hill With Our Coyote: A User's Guide, The Bernal Hill Coyote is a Female and Human "Kindness" Could Kill Her, The Coyote Whisperer, by Shelby Carpenter, Citizen Coyote: Let's Get To Know Them: An Introduction, CoyoteCoexistence Facebook (alternative link), History of San Francisco's Native Plant Program, NAP, International Consensus Principles for Ethical Wildlife Control, Micromanagement of Nature Benefits Few Animals. It has been my personal experience they ( coyotes) run off as soon as they see me…however I do not let my dogs off leash to harass wild animals. In the above photo, no real dirty work was required. I’m sorry about your health problems — being out in nature can help focus your attention on so much that is going on in the environment: keep watching the stars — and reaching for them! We do have fun. German Shepherd Attacked by Coyotes Unharmed After Man Throws Coyote. Just go the other way when you see one. If you are going to write about a German ShepHERD. Although I have not measured it, I’ve read where coyotes can actually attain a speed of 43 mph. Small dogs need to be leashed and protected. The larger the dog, the more danger to the coyote, and vice-versa. A German shepherd vs. a pack of coyotes ( there wild pack dogs) even if the German shepherd does try to defend you with it's life I don't think it would be able to beat a whole pack of coyote's. The dog breeders (my spouse’s Aunt as well as Uncle) did not desire the mix breed pups so they distributed the coydogs, Aiko was provided to us. The GS was about 100 lbs and bit up my male GR and me as I tried to get him off. Their strategy is to give an intruder a thrashing. They huff, puff, and bluff to warn an intruder away. Janet Kessler is all about education.]. Sep 28, 2019 @ 19:19:46. Maybe your dog is having fun. The coyote danced its way into the position we see. Michael — Please read this post a little more carefully. The coyote has practiced all its life on this stuff. Feb 13, 2019 @ 17:09:46. Here’s Dad charging my dog and me. I think that’s the point of the article. The family heard Turbo barking so they went to check on their dogs. They’ll run past at half-speed as if to gauge our ability to respond. He’s getting it in gear to run away at full speed. Do you know if Kevlar coyote vests do anything to protect a small dog from coyotes? Favorite Answer. Shepherd versus 3 coyotes, 3 coyotes wins hands down. There have been almost 100 of them, distributed among over a dozen families, all in San Francisco. I would expect any dog bigger than a coyote — 30 pounds — to be able to kill them, even an urban dog. To visit Alek's webpage go to: www.komar.org. For the last 18 years, I’ve walked my dogs – unleashed away from people or cars – near home at the edge of a large urban area in Oregon. The coyotes are not: for them your activity is putting them into a life-and-death situation. But if this is getting worse, I worry about my Grandchildren. I know! When you truly raise a dog like a German Shepard as the breed is intended to be and you have no fear of coyotes your GS will kill a coyote with no issues. At first glance, the coyote resembles a small German shepherd dog, yet its color can vary from animal to animal. yipps:janetkessler They seem to assume they can outrun the dog and can easily increase speed to get away. “Looks like a coyote with a serious case of mange.” “My dog has ears like this and is not a coyote. Next day, I saw where he left a 15-yd slide on a muddy backwoods road where 2 split and he changed directions to go for what might’ve been a closer one. The question, “Who would win in a fight between a German Shepherd and a coyote?”, was posed on a forum on Quora, and answered by Charles Wood, who has given me permission to republish it here. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They don’t want contact. Big. Feb 21, 2020 @ 14:46:35. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. If the German Shepherd actually takes on the job of protector this would help. They didn’t know my Lab was so mellow. I’m not going to stop going outside to watch the stars, or even a nice day. I mean, really? I have zero issues with coyotes especially since I live in the middle if the az desert surrounded by them. The avg city person with any dog is no match for a coyote because of their fear and that fear produces a pet that is worthless against a coyote. Nor has it really seen a very motivated opponent. Scott Schach was quoted saying “Somehow I got a hold of one of their tails, turned around she bit my arm, got a hold of her leg and I just flung her, just gave her a fling, she bounced off my pickup truck, went up the front windshield into the night and that’s the last I saw of that one…”.
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